Stroud Business Voice

We want to see business grow and be attracted to Stroud district

Stroud Business Voice (SBV) is a group of Stroud district businesses leaders, who want to support the growth of local businesses and promote the area as an attractive place for both companies and employees. 

Why do we exist
Put simply, Stroud is a town with many different voices except it seems a voice for business and enterprise. We believe that this responsibility comes down to the local businesses and organisations within the district. Without a voice, businesses cannot expect decision-makers to account fully for their needs and wants. 

Our mission is to attract investment so that Stroud can continue to build upon its rich and prosperous 700 year heritage as the industrial and employment hub of the five valleys. 

We want to make Stroud the place to commute too and not through and this can only be achieved if Stroud is seen as a place to do business in, a place for people to meet and work. An attractive location for companies.

Our goals
By working with the region’s businesses, groups and organisations we want to:

  • Work towards the provision of enough commercial land and buildings in the area to attract much needed high value businesses
  • Bring stakeholders together to support the supply of a skilled workforce who benefit from an easy and environmentally conscious commute;
  • Ensure new start-ups get the support required and large businesses are retained and attracted to our area.

What happens next
We will spend the next few months working with local businesses, organisations and stakeholders to develop a documented plan, outlining our approach, commitments and future objectives.
We exist to bring together suitably skilled minds and wills, to work together on achieving the vision. If you are interested in being involved with the Stroud Business Voice please contact us at

We are Proud to be Stroud.


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